Oxford University Press и компания «Британия» приглашают на семинар

Oxford University Press и компания «Британия» приглашают на семинар

15 декабря Oxford University Press и компания «Британия» приглашают преподавателей АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА принять участие в методическом семинаре по темам:

  • «Family and Friends»: Integrating Language and Skills
  • «Solutions»: Preparing for exams.

Начало семинара в 14:00 (регистрация и выдача материалов с 13:30).

Ведет семинар – Tim Ward, методист Oxford University Press.

Место проведения: Томск, пер. Батенькова, 1 Томская областная универсальная научная библиотека им. А.С. Пушкина.

Участникам семинара будут выдаваться раздаточные материалы, для их получения необходимо предварительно зарегистрироваться по телефонам: 51-03-88, 51-07-88.

Получить подробную информацию о семинаре можно в компании «Британия» по адресу: г. Томск, ул.Трифонова, 22, телефоны: 51-03-88, 51-07-88.

Tim Ward

Tim Ward is a freelance teacher-trainer and materials writer working from Sofia, Bulgaria. He’s been with OUP for over seven years now, enjoying both working with teachers in South-eastern Europe as well as further afield and working on the OTA project. He started his career in the secondary school system in the north of England before beginning to work with teachers of both secondary age pupils and young learners in schools, universities and teacher-training institutions in Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Oman. His interests now lie in the soft skills of teaching, what can happen to relationships and motivation in YL as well as young adult and teenage classes when we get these things right.


«Family and Friends»: Integrating Language and Skills

If we integrate skills in YL English lessons then students become more involved, English seems more natural to them and all the language they have learned is revised in an ongoing way. This session helps teachers to integrate the four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing, as well as vocabulary and grammar using activities expanded from Family and Friends 1 and 2.

«Solutions»: Preparing for exams

Teaching exam classes has its ups and downs. On the one side, students know where they are going and may be motivated by the need to pass. On the other hand classes might become accuracy focused to the point of tedium and if students are worried about failing then demotivation can happen. This session looks at what good exam revision can do, how course books can be used in that process, and also at some tips to make preparing for the Use of English exam a more interesting and educative experience.